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10+ years


I’ve been copywriting, digital marketing, SEO-ing, and helping businesses grow for YONKS. But so has every other copywriter, right?

Copy Heather About SEO Copywriter

While other kids were hide-and-seeking, I was just hiding and geeking (reading). No, I didn’t live in a cupboard under the stairs ⚡️

I actually enjoyed writing essays and completing school projects. I preferred libraries to theme parks. I wore fake reading glasses to make myself appear ‘authory’. Okay, saddo.

In 2008, I graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature from The University of Birmingham. I loved the bits where I got to delve deeper to understand the formal, stylistic, and aesthetic qualities of texts.

Since then, I’ve worked for a miscellany of companies in roles where engaging customers has been the main aim. I’ve proofread until the cows came home, written witty website copy, created educational brochures, composed newsletters, and devised eye-grabbing captions for social media.

In 2019 I started Copy Heather as a way to combine my love of both copywriting and helping businesses grow. I write copy that converts mere window shoppers into loyal fans.

My passion for effective search engine optimisation (SEO) and copywriting means that the content I produce for you doesn’t just get lost in the large unorganised handbag of the internet. It gets seen, heard, shared, and loved.

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